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Sunday, July 22nd 2012

6:33 AM

Dutch preteen sex


Related article: Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 23:57:06 -0800 (PST) From: Joshua winters Subject: Daniel and Thomas 3 (Revised)Thomas and making up...I woke up bright and early the following morning, I was terribly excited about spending the weekend at Thomas house. When I got downstairs for breakfast, my dad was already sitting at the table sipping his coffee and reading the weekend newspaper. I said "good morning dad," giving him a hug, before I wondered off to the laundry, to look for my bathers and rash top.(A rash top is a nylon surfer tee shirt, which has the seams on the outside to prevent getting a rash, when paddling a surfboard and has a 100% sun block)"Aren't you going to have breakfast, Dan?" Dad asked.I told him that I wasn't going to bother, as I wasn't particularly hungry. Ordinarily dad would have insisted, but he knows full well that when I get to Thomas house, Mrs. P will if necessary, force-feed me. For some reason she is convinced that dad is starving me."Do you want a lift to Thomas house?" Dad asked.I looked at my watch and decided that it really was too early to be at Thomas house, so I told dad not to bother about a ride, instead I would walk. I didn't want to arrive early and appear desperate. I estimated that by the time I found all my clothes, packed my bag and got organised it would be another half an hour, add to that the time it takes to walk to their house and it would be a more respectable time to arrive.I need not have worried, by them time I finally got to Thomas house, his father was already outside trimming the hedge. I giggled, while I watched him trim the hedge in a crooked line, Mr. P, was cursing loudly."Hi Mr. P," I said startling him, he turned and looked towards me."DAN! Hi stranger. Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages.""Been kind of caught up with things" I answered shyly."The hedge is looking good, Mr. P " I said in an attempt to change the subject, even though I wasn't being entirely truthful, the hedge actually looked horrible.Mr. P, leant over and eyeballed the hedge, closing one eye to gauge its straightness, when he looked up at me he said. "I hope your only being polite Dan, otherwise we had best get you a pair of glasses, and I am thinking coke bottle thickness lenses." He said laughing.I agency modeling preteen explained to him that the man that trims our hedge puts a string line in front of shrub and that he uses the string as a guide for his powered hedge trimmer. Mr. P considered my suggestion for a moment, "That's an excellent idea Dan, don't know why I didn't think of it, thanks.""Your welcome... Mr. P, is Thomas out of bed yet? " I asked."The Sun has only been up for two hours, so probably not Dan, however Mrs. P is in the kitchen, so why don't you go on in, you can wake Thomas up while your there. preteent incest stories Get yourself something to eat as well."I don't know if it something about two guys living alone, or maybe because I am skinny, but everyone is always trying to feed me. Almost as if they think that my dad doesn't ever bother with something as mundane as preparing meals. I thanked preteenmodel nude Mr. P and left him to finish mangling his hedge, laughing to myself as I saw him cocking his head sideways and squinting, as if somehow that was going to make his very crooked work somehow become straight.I knocked on the back door to the kitchen and I waited politely to be asked to come in."Dan, ooh my god, your alive." exclaimed Thomas sister, Sara. I gave her a perplexed look as she pulled me into a hug."Hi Sara, how are you doing?" I asked her, feeling embarrassed about Sara open show of affection towards me.Sara put her arm around my shoulder as she guided me into the kitchen. "I am excellent, more importantly Dan, how are you? We haven't seen you in ages, I was getting very concerned about you."Before I had a chance to answer, Mrs. P walked into the Kitchen. Once again I was subjected to an emotional hug, this time from Thomas mum, by now my cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment, I was very keen to no longer be the centre of attention. Sara wasn't about to let me of the hook. They both insisted on knowing why I hadn't been around for nearly four weeks. preteen puffie pictures For a moment I considered brushing them off, with lame excuses, but I hate lying to people and besides I didn't know what Thomas might have told them. Instead I decided to tell the truth.I explained that Thomas and I had, had a fight and that I had punched him in the head. (Well that was my recollection of natural nudity preteen the events)"You punched Thomas in the head?" Sara asked incredulously."Well I would have, except he wouldn't stand still long enough for me too.." I explained, as my voice trailed of saying the last few words.Mrs. P, laughed, as did Sara. "Well I'm not sure what he did preteen japanese child to make you so angry Dan, but I 'am' sure he would have deserved it." Said Mrs. P."Deserved what? " I heard Thomas call out from the doorway preteen blow job behind me."The punch in the head that Daniel gave you, what else" answered Sara.Thomas laughed, "punch in the head hey, is that what you told them squirt," he said as he got me in a headlock and rubbed his knuckles painfully on my scalp while I tried to squirm away from him."THOMAS, stop that, Dan's you're guest, you need to remember that. Let him go this instant, you're embarrassing him." Mrs. P commanded, as Thomas let go off me, rather then risk his mother's temper taking flight."Yeah, I'm your guest, haven't you got any manners? "I asked him, I had a smirk on my face, trying to make the most out of the situation.Thomas scrunched his nose up and sneered at me; "you'll keep" he threatened."Well I would love to stay and chat with you GIRLS! But I have things to do, are you coming Dan or would you rather stay and continue on with your girl talk?" Thomas said sarcastically.I got up daddies preteens from my seat, giving him a scornful look and I was about to say something when Mrs. P, interrupted."Neither one of you are going anywhere until you have eaten breakfast, now sit down at the table both of you and behave. tiny preteen bi " She ordered.I tried to convince her that I had already eaten, but when she threatened to telephone my father to confirm that I had, I thought the better of it, instead I sat meekly down at the table."I guess I could squeeze something in, thanks Mrs. toplist illegal preteen P" I said. Sitting there at the table that morning and eating breakfast with Thomas and his family made me feel a little sad. It's a reminder to me what a family is meant to be like. During breakfast, Thomas Mum continually berates Thomas for his bad table manners. Thomas argues non stop with Sara, Mr. P keeps telling me bad jokes with punch lines that I can never seem to grasp and Mrs. P keeps piling food up on my plate and encouraging me to eat more. I would imagine that this morning ritual is replayed in every normal household around the country every day. I am completely sure that no one appreciates just how special it is, no one that is, except for me.Finally, after Thomas and I helped clear the dishes from the table, we were excused and allowed to go up to his bedroom. "I think that your family is so cool, " I said to Thomas as we walked up the stairs.Thomas turned around and gave me a disgusted look, "Are you for real? Man you must be so desperate." He said more harshly than he intended.Instantly I got embarrassed and looked down to avoid his gaze. "Sorry"When we got into Thomas bedroom I threw my bag onto the big bed and said, "I dibbs this one" as I leapt cunts preteen onto his bed and claimed it for myself.Thomas laughed as he grabbed hold of my foot and dragged me off the end of his bed, my head clunked nude preteens europe painfully her preteen panties on the wooden floorboards as he dumped me unceremoniously on the floor. My bag closely followed me. "Ouch" I cried, as it landed on top of me. Well I figured it was worth a try, ooh well the hideaway bed would have to do.Thomas leapt onto my chest and pinned my arms to my side with his knees. "So you punched me in the head hey" He said, moving his face right up close to mine."Yeah, I nearly knocked you unconscious, that's what I remember" I said rhetorically.Suddenly Thomas flexed his fingers, "want to change your story?" he threatened."Nope, that's exactly how I recall what happened," I said.Without warning Thomas dug his fingers into my sides and gave me a ten-finger tickle, I exploded into laughter. Despite my preteen japanese child urgent protests he continued to torture me. Finally when I was just about ready to pass out, Thomas stopped."Are you ready to change your story yet?" Thomas asked, as he once again raised his hands, flexing his tickle-fingers, while I struggled to catch my breath.With a mischievous grin on my face I told him no, which resulted in Thomas going all out, tickling first my sides then my tummy and finally under my chin, my most vulnerable spot."OK, OK, I give up," I shrieked, as I was gasping for air, tears rolling down my preteen ho pics cheeks from laughing so hard.Just as Thomas started to get up, I managed to get leverage over him and I rolled him over onto his side, leaping on top of him. I grabbed hold of his wrists and pinned his arms up over his head, our faces close together.I knew that if Thomas had really wanted to he could have easily gotten the upper hand, but instead he let me hold him down. The only her preteen panties problem was that in order to tickle him I would have had to let go of his wrists. I had the tiger by the tail."What you gonna do now squirt," he laughed, realising my awkward predicament."I know," I said as an idea struck me. While keeping his wrists pinned above his preteen puffie pictures head I attacked his neck with my mouth, not biting, but rather nibbling like crazy. Thomas went berserk with laughter and he squirmed so hard that he actually exposed more neck to my mouth, causing me to attack him with even more vigour."Stop, stop" he pleaded with me.Finally I stopped attacking him, I was out of breath from my exertions and with my cheeks flushed red, I looked at Thomas, his face now only an inch or so away from mine. Thomas has a serious expression on xxx cute preteen his face."What's the matter? " I asked him, concerned."I was just uncensored preteen model wondering, if you're really gay? "He said, as his cheeks, blushed bright red.What brought that on I thought, then I realised that I had an erection, up until that moment I hadn't even noticed? Instantly I became coy and embarrassed. I realised that Thomas must have felt my erect penis pressing into his stomach and that's why he asked the question."Do you want me to kiss you, and find out" I asked him, trying to make light of a very embarrassing situation."If you want to." he said, his voice becoming raspy.I looked down into his beautiful eyes, trying to decide if he was kidding or rather, he was serious, my penis was now painfully erect and tenting the front of my cargo shorts. I was sitting too far up on Thomas chest to feel if he had an erection and I was to embarrassed to turn around and look. I decided to take the gamble that he was being serious.The only problem now was, I had never kissed anyone before, well apart from my grandmother and my father and I was pretty sure that was not the sort of kiss that was called for. I was under pressure, I couldn't decide on what I was supposed to do, I tried to remember what I had seen on various TV programs when two people kissed.I clamped my eyes shut, puckered my lips and pressed down hard on Thomas mouth, as our teeth ground painfully together Thomas started to squirm. He turned his head to the side, twisting his mouth away from mine. I opened my eyes and looked at him. At first I thought he was completely repulsed with me and I waited for the verbal attack that was sure to follow."Man which planet have you been living on? Don't you know anything about kissing, that was terrible, I thought you were going to break my front tooth." he complained.That wasn't exactly the response I was expecting. I mean he didn't say he was revolted metart preteens nude by me kissing him, rather he was saying that my metart preteens nude style sucked. "Well I haven't exactly had much practise," I said defensively.Just then we heard Sara call out from downstairs, "Come on you guys, I'm going for a swim, are you wussy boys going to sit up there all day like a pair of nerds?""We're coming, we're coming" Called out Thomas, as he pushed me off him so he could get up.Sara's interruption was timely, as I needed time to gather my thoughts about what had just happened. As Thomas started to get changed I looked down at his groin, but first making sure he wouldn't see me looking, I noticed that he also had a tent in the front of his shorts. We turned away from each other as we stripped off our clothes to put our bathers on. Thomas and I were too embarrassed by what had just happened to risk looking at each other. Four weeks ago neither one of us would have been self conscious about seeing the other naked. I thought it amazing how quickly things could change in the life of a teenager.By the time I turned back around, Thomas had already put on his Speedo's, bathers and he was foraging in his swim bag preteen puffie pictures for his towel. I am too self-conscious to wear the skimpy Speedo's, they leave nothing to the imagination, and rather I wear knee length board shorts and a rash top. I wear preteens naked bodies the rash top because I have very fair skin, one hour in the sun and I turn as red as a lobster. Thomas is lucky in that he has skin that tans a beautiful nut brown after only a few weeks into summer. If it wasn't for the white skin on his butt, his blue eyes and blond hair, you could be forgiven for thinking that Thomas is from somewhere exotic. Thomas golden tan makes his beautiful blue eyes stand out even more. The summer sun bleaches his dark blond hair white at the tips, adding a lovely contrast to the colour of his hair .Thomas and Sara, parents, always comment on what good looking children they have and porn stories preteen when you see the two of them together its not surprising that they turn heads. Sara shares the same basic features as Thomas, she has long blond hair, unblemished fair skin a slim figure and the same startling blue eyes. I used to fantasise about having sex with Sara, which always made me feel guilty when I was around her and was the main reason I am always shy when she is around. It is not unusual for Sara to walk around their house in only her knickers and a bra and when her mother admonishes her because preteens naked bodies I am there, Sara laughs and says, "its only Dan, my other little brother."By the time we got into the preteen blow job pool Sara was already relaxing, laying on a Bart Simpson inflatable bed. Sara had sunnies on and was reading a magazine she looked awful comfy, that is, right up until Alex did a flying belly flop into the pool, spilling both Sara and the magazine into the water. I stood by the edge of the preteenmodel nude pool laughing as an enraged Sara attempted to drown Thomas. Pretty soon they realised that I was the only one that was dry and it wasn't long before they leapt out of the pool and surrounded me. Thomas on one side, Sara the other, slowly they closed the gap. I figured I had a better chance of sprinting past Sara so I made a dash for her side, but she caught me around the waist and the two of us crashed head first into the pool. Even though it was summer the water was still very cold, as their tiny preteen bi pool is very deep. I struggled to the surface spluttering water and shivering, cussing both of them loudly.The three of us spent the remainder of the morning swimming, playing tennis and swimming again when we got too hot from being in the sun. We always played cutthroat (two players against one) with Sara and I on one side and Thomas on the other, even against the two of us, he usually manages to win. Thomas always lobs the ball back to my side of the court rather then Sara. Sara is a pretty good tennis player. Later that afternoon Mr. P barbequed sausages and hamburgers for supper, which we ate alfresco in the gazebo in their backyard. After dinner we played cricket with Mr. P as the wicket keeper and Mrs P as the umpire. All in all I had a truly wonderful day.That evening I fell asleep on a beanbag in front of the TV watching Star wars on video. After the movie finished, Thomas shook me awake. Sleepily I got up and said goodnight to Mr and Mrs. P. Sara ruffled my hair and gave me a kiss on the forehead as I walked past her. Having spent most of the day in the pool I didn't need a shower preteen ho pics so I brushed my teeth, stripped down to my boxers and tee shirt then sleepily climbed into the hideaway bed. A few minutes later Thomas came in."Dan. Are you awake? " He asked me from his own bed."I'm tired Thomas, I want to go to sleep" I complained."OK, goodnight Dan" he sighed."Dan... Because you kiss someone, it doesn't mean your gay you know" Thomas said, ignoring the fact that I wanted to go to sleep.I rolled onto my side to face Thomas, I don't know if it was because I was nearly asleep and I wasn't being careful about what I said or whether I just felt It was ok to tell him. preteen blow job "Thomas... I love you!" I blurted it out before I even realised what I was saying.Thomas just lay there staring up at the ceiling, I thought he mustn't have heard me or he had fallen asleep because he didn't respond at all. I sighed and lay down on my back, with my head on the pillow, my eyes started to moisten."Daniel? " He said in a husky voice."Yeah" I answered in a croaky voice."If you want me to kiss you goodnight, its ok I guess." Thomas said shyly, "besides you're never going to get a date if I don't show you how to kiss properly""Ok, I think that would be cool, I mean we are only practising after all" I offered, trying to ease the tension by making light of the situation.Thomas got out of his bed and came over to me. "The first thing you have to do is not clench your teeth, you have to open your mouth and let your tongue tickle the other persons tongue and don't close your eyes, otherwise you might kiss my nose" Thomas said.I stared wide-eyed and expectant at Thomas as he brushed the hair away from my face and lowered his mouth onto mine. The touch of his lips sent an electric shock through me and instantly I became aroused. As I opened my mouth I felt Thomas tickle the end of my tongue. For a little while we stabbed and poked at each others tongues until suddenly Thomas nude preteens europe grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a really deep kiss. I felt his tongue go into the back of my mouth and probe around. Time stopped and I could hear my heart pounding through my chest, then just as suddenly as he started he stopped and pulled away from me. I realised I hadn't taken a breath all the time we had kissed, as I gasped for air.Thomas had a smirk on his face that spread from one ear to the other, as he kissed me roughly on the forehead and let go of my head, causing me to collapse back onto the pillow. "Goodnight Daniel Winters" he said with preteen sex pics a smile, as he climbed back into his own bed."YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE" I accused him.Thomas laughed, "yeah I did, but don't deny preteen password bbs it, you loved it... "I thought carefully about how I should answer him. I didn't entirely believe that he had kissed me just to set me up, after all there was no doubt in my mind that Thomas agency modeling preteen was also turned on by our kissing."Didn't you feel anything? " I asked him, my ego severely dented."Well yeah, kind of, but I closed my eyes and pretended that you were Carey Johnson, I mean you're kind of cute for a guy." irc preteen Thomas said."Ooh great, thanks very much, that's not a compliment" I said, my feelings now substantially hurt."Look Daniel, I get horny over nearly anything these days, it doesn't mean that I am gay or anything, just means I like to get off. I reckon with you, it's more emotional. Do you know what I am saying?" Thomas asked."Yeah I understand completely, I'm gay and you're just horny," I said sarcastically."Yup that's it" said Thomas matter of factually.I was way too tired and emotional to debate the issue any further. My lips were tingling from Thomas kiss. "Goodnight Thomas, I'm tired I want to go to sleep now""Night Dan. Hey do you need another kiss before you go to sleep?" Thomas laughed."I would rather kiss Miss Williams 50 year old hairy ass (my very ugly math teacher) GOODNIGHT " I said turning around and facing the wall.I heard Thomas laugh again.As I lay there, I could hear Thomas steady breathing it seemed that he was already asleep. But no matter how hard I tried I could not get to sleep. Feeling aroused, I slid my hand down into my boxer shorts and touched my erect penis. I closed my eyes and thought about Thomas and our kiss as I stroked my penis up and down, tiny preteen bi pulling the skin back and forth over the head. In no time at all I felt that incredible cunts preteen feeling as an orgasm rapidly approached. My body stiffened as sticky cum squirted from the end of my penis, soaking my boxer shorts. I groaned loudly and bit down on my lip to suppress my scream, breaking the skin and tasting my own blood. I collapsed back down into the bed and lay there panting. All of a sudden I heard Thomas giggle and say."Night Dan."My cheeks burned with embarrassment from having been caught masturbating by Thomas, I groaned as I stuck my head under the pillow to try and hide from Thomas. Eventually I did fall asleep, not even caring about the sticky mess in my boxers.Continued in, Thomas justifies his sexuality...
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